A Different Route

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There is a garden between Life and death; I will meet you there.

There is a minefield between sanity and insanity, I hope you can navigate it properly

There is a road between hopelessness and Faith, I wish you can travel safely.

There is an ocean between love and hate, I pray you never drown in it.

There is forest between death and dying, I hope you never get lost in it.

There is a prison between Poverty and Riches, I hope you never end up there.

There is a pit between empathy and sympathy, I hope you notice and avoid it

There is a blurry line between pain and pleasure, I hope you are wise enough to tread carefully.

There is a dungeon between happiness and sorrow, I pray you find the fortitude and will to run far from it

There is a house between grief and moving on, I will meet you there

There are rubbles between anger and letting go, I hope it serves as a reminder of what to avoid

There is a tabernacle between forgiveness and acceptance, I hope you can seek refuge there

There is a fig tree between regret and satisfaction, I hope it serves as a reminder of what could have been

There is a safe haven between friendship and acquaintance, I hope you can find solace there.

There is a gray area between white and black, I hope you are reminded that nothing is ever as it seems.

I hope you can look past the present and give yourself a chance to dream and picture the future.



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Ayodele Obayelu

Ayodele Obayelu

I love words and the power it wields on the human mind and emotion #Storyteller #poet